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Watermark is a documentary film about competitive swimming and the 10-year journey of five athletes and their Olympic dreams. It is the story of all athletes who train and struggle and dream. And then try again. Watermark is the story of friendship and believing in yourself – about falling short but never giving up. An inspiring look at the athletes of America who spend years pursuing one shining moment. Filmed on location at the Rose Bowl United States Swimming Competition in Pasadena and Olympic Trials in Indianapolis. Watermark was produced by Academy Award-winner Sue Marx and duPont Award-winning producer, Char DeWolf. Sponsored by The Ford Motor Company Fund. Broadcast on National Public Television.
Worldfest-Charleston Film Festival GOLD MEDAL
National Educational Media Network – SILVER APPLE
EMMY Award

  • “Watermark is one of the best programs on competitive swimming that we have ever seen. I believe that this is about much more than just swimming. Every coach and every parent of an athlete should see this film.”
    — WILL COLEBANK, Director of Athlete Development for United States Swimming
  • “Beautifully done”
    — BUD GREENSPAN, Producer of Olympic Series “Sixteen Days of Glory”
  • “A remarkable documentary!” A stand-out”
  • “This film confirms the idealistic premise that sport changes and molds people for the better. Rekindles your faith in sports. Four stars.”
  • “This video should be viewed by all young athletes, their coaches and parents as well.”
  • “A highly introspective look at the role of high school sports in the lives of students, coaches and parents. The lessons learned by all concerned could affect any sport in any part of the country. Enthusiastically recommended.”
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